Who am I?

Hello you and welcome to my blog. The main language here is Finnish but I've been thinking about writing some entries in English. It depends on the amount of non-Finnish readers. Please let me know if you want to have more posts in English!

While waiting for the English posts, I will introduce myself.

This is gonna be interesting.

The name: Ninnu. That has been my nickname for ages. You can also find me from several places under the nickname Ninnu-chan.
ASL: I am now 21-year-old girl from Finland.
Position: I am studying in a university of applied sciences for a bachelor degree in business studies, marketing as my orientation. I am going to graduate in spring 2014.
Hobbies: The most visible hobby of mine is, without a doubt, cosplay. But I also surf (too much) in the Internet, sing loudly when I am alone and sometimes play my dear keyboard. I wish I could play it better than I do now.

I mostly write about my cosplay and cosplay plans. There was this time when I wrote about my personal life (other than cosplay, heh), but I think my hobby as a cosplayer is more interesting.

Oh, and if you wonder, what my blog's name means, it could be translated like: "Well, what does Ninnu know?"

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